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Hana is a friend and emotional support crutch of Miko Yotsuya. Her powerful spiritual aura constantly gets them into trouble.


Hana is a girl of average build, with short orange hair and an “x” shaped hair accessory she wears at all times. She can be seen wearing both her uniform or cute outfits she picks out. She has large breasts.


Hana is a very cheerful and social girl, always hungry and persuasive. She has a very strong positive side to her, loving all things cute and sweet. Hana dislikes bugs and scary things, often hiding behind Miko when they appear. The strength of her aura and her mood depends on what she eats, and how much.

Life Aura

Hana has an extremely powerful life aura; when seen through Mitsue’s Spirit Sight, it appears as a roaring white flame much bigger than her body, it's so strong that it can even destroy lesser spirits, such as the Tiny Old Men.

However, it also means that stronger spirits will seek her out to feed on her aura. If her aura is depleted, she will become lethargic and sickly, but Hana can recharge her aura by eating, and doesn't gain weight due to the energy being consumed by the spirits. This causes her to be hungry most of the time.



Miko Yotsuya

Hana is a long time friend of Miko’s, and she is the reason the gateway to the shrine was entered. Her aura tore down the border and allowed the two to pass through, much to the dismay of Miko. Even though Hana knows nothing about the struggles that Miko endures, she is an important part of her life and trusts her very much.

Yuria Niguredou

Even though Yuria is prickly on the outside, it never stops Hana from including her in their activities.


  • Izumi's favorite character[1]
  • Her last name can be roughly translated as a river of lilies.



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