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Michiru Ichijou is a transfer student at Miko's school. She is an enigmatic model with a cold demeanor adored by everyone, except for Miko, who literally sees her as a monster.


To most people, Ichijou appears as a very tall (over a head taller than Hana and Miko), slender woman with blonde hair parted in the middle with two strands at the front and pale skin. She wears a dark school uniform with gloves and a knee-length skirt.

When seen through Miko's spirit sight, a black, featureless mass with a round top and eight segmented tentacles covers her head and most of her upper body. These tentacles can extend a considerable length and the tips can open up to reveal eyes.

It is unclear what her nature is, as she is tangible and does not seem haunted.


Ichijou has a cold and quiet demeanor around most people, and Miko can see that when people try to touch her her tentacles become sharp and point their face.

She dislikes being touched and is distant with most people, but becomes quickly infatuated with Miko, endlessly bombarding Julia Niguredou with questions about her.

She has a habit of nibbling on pencils and has an unusual fascination with caterpillars, keeping one as a pet and conversing with it.


Spirit Form

Ichijou has an ability of unclear nature, manifesting as the tentacles on her head. These tentacles react to Ichijou's mood, but like other spirit constructs cannot harm living beings. Despite this they are strong enough to easily perforate spirits and can inject an unknown substance to melt them from the inside out.

Ichijou's tentacles require a high level of spiritual sight to be seen, as Julia Niguredou was unable to see them whereas Miko could.


After Miko, Romm and Mitsue defeated the Shrine God, a rock with some sort of ward wrapped around it is seen lying lopsided between tree roots with a large chip at the top. Soon after, a colossal, rounded dark mass with a single spindly arm emerged from the mountains.

While it is made unclear, the damage the stone experienced may have been linked to the release of the mass.

Shortly after, Ichijou transferred into Miko’s school, where it was found out she was a teen model for a popular magazine.


Miko Yotsuya

Ichijou grew fascinated with Miko due to how she treated her.


  • Ichijou's caterpillar is named Pii.
    • Pii's design appears to be based off Papilio xuthus (Asian Swallowtail butterfly) larvae.


  • The name Michiru is written in katakana (ミチル), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji (満, 充, 実, 道瑠, 満留, 美智留 or 実千瑠), it could possibly mean:
    • 満 - "full/fullness, enough, satisfy".
    • 充 - "allot, fill".
    • 実 - "fruit, good result, truth".
    • 道瑠 - "path" (道) (michi) and "lapis lazuli" (瑠) (ru).
    • 満留 - "full/fullness, enough, satisfy" (満) (michi) and "detain, fasten, halt, stop" (留) (ru), which literally means "full stay" altogether.
    • 美智留 - "beautiful" (美) (mi), "wisdom, intellect" (智) (chi) and "detain, fasten, halt, stop" (留) (ru).
    • 実千瑠 - "fruit, good result, truth" (実) (mi), "thousand" (千) (chi) and "lapis lazuli" (瑠) (ru).
  • Michiru's surname Ichijou means "streak, quotation" (一条).



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