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Miko Yotsuya is the main character of the series Mieruko-chan.


Miko is a teenager with black hair and yellow eyes. In the anime, she has faded purple tips. She usually has a somber and tired expression, but tries to smile in front of others. She normally wears her school uniform, but often wears casual wear such as hoodies.


Miko tries to have a stoic exterior when confronted with spirits, but is internally frightened by them. She also cares deeply for her friend Hana Yurikawa, using her power to protect her in various ways, such as diverting her from certain routes with spirits and bringing her food when she was sick with a form of spiritual drainage. Miko prefers to ignore the spirits, and she didn't acknowledge her own talent, even when confronted by Yuria Niguredou and Shindou Romm.

Spirit Sight

Miko has the ability to see spirits, even powerful ones that are invisible to other mediums, with total clarity. However, she cannot see extremely powerful spirits though she can see their effects. This ability is active constantly, so she always sees spirits in her day-to-day life, and due to their terrifying appearance and threatening behavior, she constantly fears for her life. She has noticed that if she doesn't acknowledge them, spirits will not bother her, so she must remain stoic and unflinching in the face of supernatural terrors, though her act crumbles as soon as she feels safe.

Notably, she cannot see people's auras despite her power, unlike Mitsue and Yuria.


As seen in the manga, Miko’s father died. She lives with her mother and her younger brother, Kyouske Yotsuya, both of which are protective of her.


Hana Yurikawa

Hana is Miko’s best friend, whose strong spiritual aura attracts spirits far and wide. As her best and closest friend, Hana is often informally ranked as the second most important character in the series after Miko herself. She’s always hungry, often complaining to Miko and dragging her to various restaurants. Hana is also a good source of emotional support. Due to their close friendship and strong codependency, the plot often uses a running gag that Miko is madly in love with Hana, mainly through friendly teasing of the latter.

Yuria Niguredou

Yuria (Julia) first viewed Miko as a rival, attempting to show her up with spiritual talent similar to her own. She misinterprets her mistakes as purposeful tactic, such as one time Miko tripped, Yuria mistook it for a barrier setup. She also had a personal grudge against both Hana and Miko, thinking they ran her master out of the fortune telling industry. Later on on the series, she grows closer to the two, traveling with both of them and taking group photos.

Mitsue Takeda

Miko went to Mitsue’s fortune telling business, believing the bracelets and talismans she sold could keep the spirits away. When the jewelry continuously broke, she was forced to realize her own shortcoming and left the business. Mitsue helps Miko on several occasions, helping her out with the spirits she kept seeing. They meet up at a restaurant and discuss the shrine they went to, and it’s there her admiration for Miko is revealed. She calls her a brave girl, withstanding the horrifying spirits and keeping her wit together all throughout the journey.

Shindou Romm

Shindou is a rather creepy, charlatan-esque acquaintance of Miko, him being the one who sent Mitsue the picture of Hana and Miko at the spirit shrine. He often takes amusement in her struggles, and the goods he offers seem to have a temporary effect on the far-shore beings around them. Shindou is attracted to her strange way of dealing with things, and he seems to be entertained by her bravery.

Zen Toono

When Miko first met Zen, she immediately became wary of him when she saw dark cat spirits surrounding him and quickly sent him away. The next they meet is when he is introduced to her class as her substitute homeroom teacher, much to her horror. However, after seeing him risk his life saving a street cat and learning from a friend of Zen's that he had an abusive childhood due to his overbearing mother, Miko comes to understand that the spirits she sees surrounding Zen are manifestations of Zen's troubled past and uses her final safeguard to free him from it. Since then, Miko is no longer afraid of Zen and respects him as a teacher.


  • Her favorite animal is a bear due to being influenced by Anaconda the Badger [1]
    • 穴熊(badger) is the combination of 穴(hole) and 熊(bear) [2]





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