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Shindou Romm is a supporting character in the Mieruko-Chan series. He sells many items which interact with the far shore. He was given the name "Romm" by his former master, Mitsue Takeda, as part of the tradition of adding a second name to apprentices.


Romm is a tall man with messy black hair covering his right eye and a small amount of facial hair on his chin. He has a very eccentric taste in clothing, sporting a hat, long black trench coat, and tall black boots. He also wears a scarf around his neck.

When he was younger, Romm had mid-length unkempt hair and he wore ratty jeans and a long sleeved shirt. He hardly smiled as much as he does now.


Romm has been seen to be very bold, running a business geared only to those adapted to seeing spirits. Even though many have called him a fraud, Yuria Niguredou believes in his ways and has been roped into buying some of his products. He is also very mischievous, taking amusement in the unpredictable actions made by Miko Yotsuya. He enjoys teasing Mitsue Takeda.


Shindou was brought to Mitsue as a child, and she took him in as her apprentice. She trained him in the art of the occult, and he received his stage name, Shindou Romm. Much to Mitsue’s dismay, Romm grew much more powerful than her, and she doubted her ability to teach him. Although she tried to keep him safe, his curiosity got the better of him and caused him to wander into very dangerous places, such as into the hands of the Bell Ghost.



  • Romm's surname Shindou means "prodigy, wonder child" (神童).




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